Beme App

Beme is a mobile based app that is the brain child of Casey Neistat (movie/video godfather) and Matt Hackett (former VP of Engineering at Tumblr).  After launching in July 2015, the app is one I am yet to really get into, but it is enjoyable nonetheless, especially the 'Global party' which journeys the user accross what others have shared.  For once I actually managed to get in early enough to secure my name as a username too!

Opinions of the app are varied from those who love it and those who find it boring

Neistat is still optimistic about the app and it's future, and I would have to agree it is on the right track. 

Anyway, download it and have a go (Apple only for now).
Or at the very least start watching Casey Neistat's videos because they're 11/10. More here: