Oblivious Maximus LIVE Podcast

After an aggressively windy and hot day, I found myself at The Reverence Hotel in Footscray on Thursday the 17th of December for a live recording of the Oblivious Maximus Podcast.  Hosted in the bandroom, around 50 people grabbed a beer then took a seat to listen on. The panel consisted of creatives who have worked in the music industry in different roles, including Patrick Galvin (graphic designer/illustrator), Callum Preston (professional person/creative), Matt Weston (filmmaker) and Kane Hibberd (photographer), with the host Aaron Osbourne. It was a ripper.

  A creepy photo I took from the back of the room

A creepy photo I took from the back of the room

The discussion covered a range of topics from an aggressive beat down on tertiary education, navigating your way through the industry, the importance of collaboration, how not to be a c-bomb and the accessibility of creative tools in the future. 

Although there was some contention leading up to the event about the lack of diversity in the panel, it was still an interesting and insightful night.  Hopefully there are more of these in the future which cover various angles and points of view.  Nonetheless, I'm glad to have made the trip.

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