The Force Awakens

School holidays have now started and that only means one thing. Unnecessarily overly packed movie theatres in the middle of the day.  Or more precisely 3pm on a Monday, four days before Christmas.  It may as well have been Christmas Day because I finally had a chance to see the new Star Wars.  Luckily I found a park near the front door of Reading Waurn Ponds and managed to get a seat in the middle of the back row. My heart rate was high. 

 All I want for Christmas is you BB8 (Image Property of Disney/Lucasfilm)

All I want for Christmas is you BB8 (Image Property of Disney/Lucasfilm)

*This post will contain NO spoilers*

J.J. Abrams did it. He really did it, and did it well.  Amongst the many 'feels' and 'chills' I had throughout the viewing, were a lot of easter eggs, cameos, natural humour and throwbacks to the original trilogy (link contains spoilers).  When it was announced that Lucas had sold Star Wars to Disney in 2012, and later that the movies would be revived, I was pretty surly and annoyed.  But now having seen what has been created gives me a new hope.  Both old and new characters all hit their marks, especially the BB8 droid, and delivered enduring performances which will hopefully carry on into Episodes VIII and IX. 

I've never written a movie review before, so I won't try/potentially destroy the movie in my attempts to write one.   Just go see it. I offer a no-money-back guarantee it is worth it.

Lastly, if you're still being a sour grape about the prequels then read this: George Lucas Nearly Wrote A Perfect Prequel Trilogy, He Just Didn't Notice

This is short feature is also fantastic: