Bay Cycling Classic

Whilst most people were nursing a hangover, re-writing their new years resolutions or already breaking those resolutions, I was down at Eastern Beach in my second home of Geelong watching Stage One of the 2016 Bay Cycling Classic. 

I arrived during the final 15 minutes of the Men's Support race.  It was a surprise when I recognised two of the riders who finished on the podium who are from the small town of Carisbrook.  We grew up playing football and cricket together.  Funny how they're both cycling competitively now and I can barely muster the effort to go for a walk. Enough of that.

The racing was a great spectacle and I decided to clear my already empty Saturday and Sunday to follow the race to Eastern Gardens and Portarlington respectively.   The following videos are from each of the stages.  I didn't go to the final stage at Williamstown, but I will add the overall race result to the bottom of this.





WEBSITE: 2016 Bay Cycling Classic 


Support Men

1. Kelland O'Brien
2. Shannon Johnson
3. Darcy Woolley

Elite Women
1. Gracie Elvin
2. Lizzie Williams
3. Valentina Scandolara

Elite Men
1. Caleb Ewan
2. Brenton Jones
3. Patrick Shaw