Vegan Products (Not Food Related)

A small known fact that I rarely promote is being a vegetarian.  Often met with condescension from meat eaters and vegans, this life choice is one I made a little under a year ago after dropping red meat from my diet over two years ago and eventually white meat. 

And yes, it was an ethical choice. I wouldn't eat my dogs, so why would I eat any other animal?

Furthermore, if I'm not going to eat animals I don't feel comfortable wearing their skin. 

So, without further delving deep into dietary preference or having another vegan get angry for not being "fully committed and therefore still a 'bloodmouth'", here is a list of items that I switched over to when I stopped using bits of dead animal in my everyday life. 



Vans Authentic
Materials: Canvas and rubber.
Available at: The Iconic 

Promoted by Vans as a vegan shoe. 

Dr Martens Tract Fold Boots
Materials: Synthetic, canvas and rubber.
(Dr Marten also do a full vegan range of footwear, but I prefer these)
Available at: ASOS

Dress Shoes from Target (Various)
Materials: Synthetic leather
Available at: Target

This changes with the season, but Target usually offers a fully synthetic dress shoe. Even if this is hideous tan you get the idea. 


Herschel Supply Co. WALT
Materials: Canvas and metal (take the leather pull tab off the zipper - throw it in the bin)
Available at: Google it

Herschel have a ton of other options that don't use leather. Find one that suits your needs.


H&M Padded Jacket
Materials: 100% Polyester
Available at: H&M

This is a tricky one. No it doesn't provide the same warmth as down, but it's called a sweater. Put it underneath and you'll be fine. 

If you're filthy rich, buy one from SAVE THE DUCK


Canvas D-Ring Belt
Materials: Canvas and metal
Available at: eBay

Need a belt for more formal/professional environments?
KMART! All of their belts are made of polyurethane and cost around $10. Durability is ok too. 


Casio G-Shock
Materials: Various
Available at: Google it

Not really applicable, but the point is you don't need a leather watch band.

There are a lot of options available, but these are ones I chose.

Here are links to Australian manufacturers who promote ethical ranges:

I will do another post like this on Motorcycle Gear that doesn't use leather.  This topic is highly contentious as leather is considered to be the safest option for riding (and sliding), but I've managed to buy all non-animal products for gear.