Nike+ GPS Running Watch and Nike+ Review

The human body was made to run. Sitting is the new smoking. Your brain needs oxygen.

Three basic statements that encapsulate why exercise and movement are important.  Nike has many slogans, but amongst them is 'If you have a body, you are an athlete'.  However, if you have a Nike+ GPS watch, you have a very poor method of tracking your running. And it's not even the watches fault. 

Image: The watch. Same as mine. Comfortable. Colourful. Unsupported by poor software. 

According to Forbes Nike is worth $100.1 Billion (Yes, 100 BILLION DOLLARS).  So it would be fair to assume that they have reasonably good access to new technologies and leading software. Wrong. So very wrong. 

I have a wonderful partner who buys cool stuff for my birthday.  I received the watch for my 23rd birthday and have been using it ever since.  I am training for a half-marathon currently and will then work towards faster times over less kilometres for triathlon season.  I'm no athlete, but I like something to work towards, and with the year being 2016 I would expect that technology can assist with tracking my statistics. Event the basic ones. Distance, Time, Avg. Speed. 

The watch does this. It saves my 50 most recent runs and I can look at the history on the watch. Great. Thanks Nike. But can I please have this saved to my Nike+ Account? 

From, Nike.

Right. Well. Why?
From, Ed

From, Nike.

Ok. So Nike+ software was already pretty average. Often didn't record everything, or the data would be different on computer compared to the watch.  Yes I checked I was doing the right thing. I'm a nerd. I've got this. 

Nike decided to do an upgrade to their software recently, and wowee is it terrible.  The 1-Star rating on the APP store is testament to this.  Syncing failures, app crashing, data not saving, runs not recording, alterations of runs from 6 months ago.  My favourite is apparently I ran a marathon is in 1hour 22minutes on the same day I ran a half-marathon in 1hour 57minutes.  This isn't new data. The update literally changed all of my old runs.
Like I said, terrible.

  Image: Amazing speed by me

Image: Amazing speed by me

 Needless to say I am now saving all of my dollarydoos and investing in a proper Garmin XT920 that will work with Strava (reliable!).  I also found a 3rd party software that transfers data from Nike to Strava (even if it isn't accurate). But for now, it's back to pencil and a notebook to save the data from my watch.  

P.S - Nike pissed me off enough that I went out and bought a pair of Asics. 


Update 5/9/2016
They have seen this: